innovation, product, product innovation
innovation, product, product innovation

BLUA innova, your partner to make innovation a business profitable reality


We collaborate with you to:


Make Innovation your profit engine


Implement an Innovation Management System

Define a winning Innovation Strategy

Create new Ideas

Validate Innovation and Start-up business plans

Implement a New Product Development process

Launch New Products in a multi factory environment

Coach your team on Innovation best practice




BLUA innova

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To contact Blua innova or to book  an appointment please call at:

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Innovation & New Product Development solutions to impact the bottom line and more

 New Products and Services that the customers want along with Excellence in Operations is an investment providing the highest return rate, long term competitiveness and sustainable improved profit.

It is the foundation of every successful firm…

In today’s rapid changing world, growth can only be achieved  outperforming competitors with bold innovation. At the same time the business model has to be capable to convey the new value proposition to a bigger portion of the market.

BLUA innova help your organization to be fast and effective in the launch of new products that the customers want, to generate growth and to transform it into incremental profit.



BLUA innova

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Bitzengarten 9
D-56237 Nauort


Telefon: +49 2601 912287



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